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International Seaport Dredging Projects

International Seaport Dredging Pvt Ltd (ISD) has emerged as one among the top key reliable marine and dredging contractors in the Indian subcontinent with a consistent track record of completing projects as per schedule without any deviations, thereby winning the trust of the client(s) for future collaborations. ISD has expanded vertically and horizontally as an expert dredging contractor in developing new ports and harbors. Our business spectra includes dredging, marine engineering services, land reclamation involving designs, constructing, developing, modernizing, extending and maintaining ports and harbors in India and the Middle Eastern countries. Our strengths include availing the fleet of dredgers of DEME group, which one of the largest in the world, and the expertise in Project development, Capital dredging and port expansion, Maintenance dredging, Land reclamation and Beach nourishment keeping the parameters within the Environmental limits. Our presence around the Indian coast is indicated below.

CIN : U45205TN2004PTC069094
Registered Office:
1st floor, Ocean Square, Plot 2C, Thiru-Vi-Ka Industrial Estate, Guindy, Chennai - 600 032, INDIA.
Tel : +91 44 6918 9900 | Email id : isdpl@deme-group.com